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How do you become a professional writer? Photographer? A video maker person… a videographer!?

Simply, and honestly: You do it by doing it. Gradually improve, work your angles, build a body of work… but where, right?

Well, is pleased to announce a handful of publishing opportunities: Volunternships!

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Want tech journalism experience with a Japan-focused site?
As readers know, is a Tokyo-based tech site with 10+ years online (that's approx. 398 internet years). We’re not the new kids, but we’ve got a new site and new staff and we’re putting wind back into the sails.

As part of our recent site relaunch and growth push, for the first time we're offering volunteer, or intern-like opportunities for motivated, technology loving, English speaking, friendly assistants and/or contributors.

Volunterning with 
Volunternships are basically on-call, piecemeal apprenticeships. Independently, or with AkihabaraNews staff, successful candidates might:

  • Write or contribute to articles;
  • Attend tech events like CEATEC, iREX, Maker Faire, or the Tokyo Motor Show with press credentials;
  • Do some or all of the following: take photos, collect product details, write product reviews, and play a role in podcasting;
  • And yes, occasionally provide menial assistance & support for staff writers & editors!

Where appropriate, volunterns can contribute original work, conduct interviews, and receive photography and/or videography credit. Volunterns need not reside in the Tokyo area, but it's very cool if they do. AkihabaraNews’ coverage intends a global perspective, so non-native English speakers are also definitely okay, but candidates need to be somewhere near reading, writing, and conversational fluency - or just really awesome at shooting tech photos or video. In addition to English, fluency in Japanese or French gets bonus points.

Here's what else it takes:


  • First and foremost and duh, have a passion and enthusiasm for technology, generally and/or specifically, and for communicating about it.
  • Have a skill, or desire to build a skill, i.e., are you a writer, photographer, videographer, illustrator, graphic designer, web designer, translator, professional coffee maker?
  • At the very least, you should own a smartphone; bonus if you've got serious media collection equipment (and we might occasionally lend).
  • Obviously, good computer skills are essential - nobody journalisms with a typewriter anymore.
  • Local volunterns must be professionally presentable. Not suit & tie, but just... presentable. And polite. People shouldn't be afraid of you or creeped out by you, and you should either smell good or not all all!
  • Applicants don't need to have an awesome resume, but they must be able to convincingly explain why they'd like to either add to or diversify what they've already got.
  • Have flair, have an original perspective, and be interested in creating original content; journalizing software can already regurgitate press releases, so we're interested in something more.
  • Applicant should be reasonable, honest, smart, have more than a modicum of common sense, and just, you know, be nice.


  • Learn how things are done in modern, online, on-the-go journalism & multimedia creation.
  • Building or adding to a portfolio; begin or continue creating a portable body of work that you will own (contributions can be distributed elsewhere with attribution).
  • Getting published - globally; gaining exposure, building a name or brand; being able to point to work and say "I helped with/photographed/wrote/designed that!"
  • And, of course, based upon your work, receive instant feedback from professionals and the public.
  • For every 40 hours of successful volunternship, volunterns will be issued a certificate of completion and granted a recommendation level; further blocks of 40 hours, or just doing awesome stuff, will increase the snazziness of your certificate and recommendation level.
  • No, of course there is no monetary compensation right out of the gate, but for awesome volunterns that could someday change, i.e., priority consideration for future staff openings.


  • Email: Your resume, CV, whatever you wanna call it - a record of where you come from and what you've done - formatted however you like, one page recommended, two pages max. Incorporate a self-expressive photo (of you) and no more than 300 words on why you'd like to voluntern with a Tokyo-based, Japan-focused, modern tech journalism outlet. A single-file PDF is preferred. Ignoring these guidelines will make us go "Why did they ignore the guidelines? Okay, next!" 
  • To: voluntern[-at-]
  • Subject: Voluntern with Akihabara News


  • Application deadline for current round of volunternships: November 22, 2013; 6:00/18:00 JST
  • All serious applicants will receive follow-up.
  • それでは、待ています!よろしくお願いします!